Recent Works

Recently we have succeeded to establish one Joint Venture, "Prescription Aid Japan (PAJ)" between Bangladesh and Japanese company for Health care and Medicine retails business in Dhaka, Bangladesh. This is Japanese investment with Bangladesh partners will explore the Japanese cosmetics and Health Care product, in Bangladesh. This business open by 10th June in as a first branch in Dhaka, near Shimanto Tower. PAJ has plan to enlarge branches all over the Dhaka and other big ciliates in Bangladesh. Please visit that shop [].

Approaching JICA funded project implementation part with Japanese company. Soon we will update.

Consulting for G to G, PPT project for Health, Industrial, Power Sector, Industrial Sector in Bangladesh and Japan.

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We are the Japan based consulting firm having the office in Saitama Prefecture, Japan, and Dhaka, Bangladesh. We always do back to back support between Japanese and Bangladeshi companies for investment, G to G, PPT, partnership matching, ICT solution, Company formation, Trade license and other licences, BOI permission, Work Permit processing for Foreign Employee etc. Accounting and Tax, Employment for Japanese company, Etc. We have been working those kind of work more than 5 years and handling 6 Japanese companies so far.

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Kaicom Solution of ICT

Web Designing and Development
Software Development
Apps Development
E-Commerce Development
Business solutions and Consultancy
Game Application
Domain & Hosting

Kaicom Consulting Service

* Investment Support
(Japanese Company in Bangladesh)
-- Information Technology (IT)
-- Garments
-- Retail
-- Pharmacy
-- Agriculture (Fisheries)
Kaicom Consulting Support *
Company Establishment --
Human Resource Supply --
Visa and Work Permit --
BIDA (BOI) Permission --
Tax & Accounting Support --
Trade License & other License --
Translator, Interpretation -- (Japanese, English, Bengali)
Company FS study --
Act as a Local representative --
Rental Office, House --
Retail car --

Kaicom Trading

Medicine and Health Care Produce
Daily Life Necessary product
Leather goods


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    IT Solution

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    Retail Business

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    Retailing Tourism

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    Web Development

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    Software Development

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    Consorting Business

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    E-Commerce Business

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    Trading Business

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    Domain & Hosting

Our Client

Our Clients  Next Japan Co. Ltd., Japan (Japan)
Our Clients  Accounting and Auditing Consulting Co. (Japan)
Our Clients  CAD/CAM Software Developing Company (Japan)
Our Clients  Prescription Aid, Japan.(Japan-Bangladesh Joint Venture)
Our Clients  Usha International Co. Ltd., Japan (Japan)

About Us

KaiCom word we collect from two words, one is Kaizen (development), which is Japanese word and another is Comfort ability which is English word. Our motive is to make our society comfortable and continues development for better service through our product, service and solutions. We have successfully conducted many Business matching and partnership between Japanese and Bangladeshi companies. We explore our business and opportunity for both the country.

What we can do

We, fully understand about business climate in Japan and can be able to make bridge between Japanese and Bangladesh Company from our experience.
We will be able to contribute you to establish business management support with principal and investment as well. We have human network for Bangladeshi ministry, Local Company, NGO as well.

Our Clients


Founder and CEO
Software Scientist
Anjan Das is the Founder and the CEO of kaicomsol ltd. Company.. He is a skillful person. He is able to take timely action based on the environmental factors at work. He is able to involve others in the decision-making process and promote a culture in which all the employees work as a team in order to achieve a common goal or objective.He is able to win hearts and minds.He know how to headed in the right direction.
Our Clients

Subrata Kumar Das

CME (Chief Marketing Executive)
Management consulting
Subrata Kumar Das is the CME of kaicomsol ltd. Company. He is also the Manager in “Next Japan BD LTD Company. At before, he rolled as a Commercial Officer in Robintex group. He is involved in developing marketing campaigns to promote a product, service or idea. He has the ability to demonstrate a clear understanding of marketing and a genuine enthusiasm for the subject.
Our Clients

Anik Sarker

CTO (Chief technology officer)
Technology & Management
Anik Sarkar is the CTO of kaicomsol ltd. Company. Before in kaicom he was worked in many organizations and company. He had the skill of Solid grounding in the technology the company uses. Firm understanding of the general, technical and business environment that the company operates within. He is also good in Project planning/management, Strategic planning. He is able to monitoring technology and social trendings that could impact the company. He is good in communicate, inspire and motivate all levels of staff . He is good in Identifying opportunities and aware of his duty.
Our Clients

Swakkher Das

COO (Chief Operating Officer)
Management & Consulting
Swakkher Das is a Software Engineer (BSC) and the COO of kaicomsol ltd. Company. Is a position that can be one of the highest-ranking executive positions in an organization, comprising part of the "C-Suite". The COO is responsible for the daily operation of the company, and routinely reports to the highest ranking executive, usually the chief executive officer (CEO). The COO is usually the second in command at the firm. He performed very good role in many organization. He is skilled in strategic with a focus on details. He is a people person, he understand the business and keep eye out for ways to improve the company.
Our Clients

Riadh Arifin

CIO (Chief Information Officer)
Information & Maintenance
Riadh Arifin is a Software Engineer (BSC) and the CIO of kaicomsol ltd. Company. He is the most senior executive in the enterprise responsible for the information technology and computer systems that support enterprise goals. Generally, the CIO reports to the chief executive officer, chief operating officer or chief financial officer. He is skilled in Organizational leadership, Relationship buildings, Risk management and also in Core knowledge of IT. As a CIO he is able to make executive decisions. He has good organizational skills and done good jobs in many organization.


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